zid ki shayari

About Zid Ki Shayari

Zid ki Shayari is a cover title of ghazals written by Mr. Prashant Brahmane. His takallus, pen name is, Zid. The album is sub-titled Tumhare Liye and it is a combined treasure of 1800-ghazals 100X18. This is record breaking literature considering the fact that Zid is primarily an English writer and comes as a rank outsider to the urdu language culture. Zid has researched a lot on the purist concept of gazals and after sustained efforts has brought out 20-fine point distnctions that helps audience select masterpieces. The poetic style of the author is roughly 200-year old & bears a inspired compatibility with Meer Taqi Meer, Mirza Ghalib and Ibrahim Zouk.  Zid is persuasive crusader of human evolution as is seen in most of his other work as a writer-philosopher, and his work, Temple of Love is a potent message to people to achieve God through Love. Zid Ki Shayari is rare and comprehensive treatise on the trinity of love, the Lover-Beloved-God.

 Hence his work highlights the sufferings of pain and endless wait for the beloved; heightens the sanctity of the beloved’s hearty hide and seek, touch and go, now and never tricks on him and finally the arrival of God’s message explaining to the lover the hidden meaning behind the upheavals. The album series is poignantly called the Temple of Love. Zid’s royal treatment to literature taps the hidden content of all humans; romance, beauty, art, creativity, spirituality. Zid ki Shayari is an ageless treatise on the struggle for meaning that will catch the imagination of not only elders but also adolescents because everything is first human and then age wise.
His gazals are written in a rhythmic form that is easy to be converted into a lilting musical composition. It is a picture perfect of his musical mind and alert musical intelligence. The poet also takes pains to explain the poetic culture of Ghazals by dissecting the forms & norms of this majesty & bringing out the nectar that is more intelligible & absorbing. If there are occasions where the description of beauty is more beautiful than the beauty per say, then Zid Ki Shayari is one of the best places to be seated in. All in all, the poetry takes the people beyond entertainment to a much higher level of mind engagement. Thus, it is a rich treat of linguistic, poetic, rhythmic, philosophic and spiritual treasures. The book is being produced as a digital book that contains narratives from the poet, with speech reading of the gazals parallel with the text by the poet.

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